Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

A helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon is, without a doubt, one of the most popular adventures for tourists visiting the canyon on a trip to the US West Coast.

Whether you are flying in from Las Vegas or if you are already in the Grand Canyon South Rim, which is the largest and most popular area of the park, you have several options open to you.

In my opinion, driving to the Grand Canyon from Williams, along the famous Route 66, is the best way to experience this incredible piece of nature.

You will enter the national park from the southern entrance of this road, where the main visitor centre is also located.

From here you can easily get to the various viewpoints of the South Rim, which is the most remarkable part of the 7th Wonder of the World and from which, especially at dusk, you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views.

Where do you want to start your Grand Canyon flight?

How to fly over the Grand Canyon by helicopter: the different options

The best way to end your holiday is to book a expedition to fly over the Grand Canyon by helicopter or small plane, but only if you feel like it and if your budget allows.

However, there are several ways to visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas in a single day, if you don't have a lot of time on your trip.

You can take a helicopter or small plane directly from Sin City to fly over the western part of the Grand Canyon, which is closest to Las Vegas and less impressive, or you can take a small plane to the more popular southern part and then hop on a helicopter to fly over it.

Helicopter flight from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

Several companies offer tours with flights from the airport just outside the southern entrance to the national park, where the village of Tusayan is located, which you are bound to have seen if you have previously arrived at the Grand Canyon on your own by car.

These helicopter tours can be scheduled for any day of the year, depending on the weather, of course. If you book and the weather doesn't allow you to fly, you will have the option to fly again on another day for free. This is not very convenient if you are not planning to stay in the area for several days, which is why you will also have the option of a full refund.

There are a number of companies that offer these helicopter tours from Tusayan Airport, but Papillon is the most reputable because of its long experience in this field and the large number of tours it offers.

Papillon currently offers two separate helicopter tours over the South Rim:

North Canyon Tour

North canyon tour papillon

The North Canyon Tour, which travels to the North Rim (North Rim of the Canyon) and flies over Kaibab National Forest and the Dragon Corridor in the widest and deepest section of the central Grand Canyon.

During this 25-30 minute flight, you will have the opportunity to listen to an audio guide available in 12 languages (French, Spanish, German, English, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese) and describing the unique features of the regions you are flying over.

Imperial Air Tour

Imperial air tour papillon

The Imperial Air Tour, which lasts 40-50 minutes and flies over the East Rim and North Rim in an EcoStar EC130 helicopter, is another option available to you from Tusayan.

As with most Papillon flights, you have access to a quality audio guide in 12 languages. A great way to see the North, South and East regions of the Grand Canyon, in modern helicopters with panoramic windows for a great view from any seat.

If you wish to fly with another helicopter company, Maverick Helicopters offers two separate 25- or 45-minute helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon. These tours are also operated with EcoStar aircraft. You can find a list of these tours here.

Visiting the Grand Canyon by plane from the South Rim

Another option is to take a small plane to fly over the Grand Canyon from the national park airport.

The Grand Canyon Air Tour (Grand Discovery Air Tour) is a 40-45 minute trip that offers a more economical way to get a broader view of the Grand Canyon landscape. In fact, aeroplane tours are less expensive than helicopter tours.

The plane flies over the Kaibab National Forest, Imperial Point, the junction of the Colorado and Little Colorado Rivers or the Zuni Corridor.

Price of a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon from the South Rim

Naturally, the price will depend on the excursion you choose, the duration of the flight and the time of year you choose for your trip.

Par exemple, sur la base des différents paramètres décrits ci-dessus, le coût d’un vol en hélicoptère de 25-30 minutes avec la société Papillon (North Canyon Tour) coûte 229$* par personne, peu importe l’âge, adulte ou enfant.

The cost of a small plane flight over the South Rim, on the other hand, starts at $169.

You will then be able to add options to enhance your experience, but these options will also inflate your price, so keep this in mind.

Testimonial and photos of a Papillon client

My husband and I had an incredible helicopter experience at the Grand Canyon. The views were incredible and we were able to see places we would not have otherwise. We found the value for money extremely good and it was definitely the highlight of our trip. We would highly recommend this activity to any couple looking to create lasting memories.

Sophie Aubin, Saint-Dié, France

How to book a helicopter flight at the Grand Canyon?

As is often the case with travel, especially during the holidays, it is imperative to make an online reservation in advance, especially during the busiest seasons of the year (summer, spring and autumn).

Depending on the itinerary of your trip to the Grand Canyon, this is the only way to be sure of the exact day you want to fly over the canyon. If you want to visit at a specific time, you should book well in advance so that you are not surprised on the day of the flight.

To ensure proper boarding, you must arrive at the airport at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time. On site, you can take advantage of the comfortable facilities at Papillon or Maverick to relax and wait patiently for your turn to fly over this incredible place.

How to fly over the Grand Canyon West Rim from Las Vegas?

As mentioned earlier in this article, if you are in Las Vegas and don't have enough time to drive to the Grand Canyon, there is another option to still experience this natural wonder.

This is a flight from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon by plane or helicopter.

This is a fantastic choice for a day trip, but you should be aware that the plane will take you to the western boundary, which is closer to Las Vegas but slightly less impressive than the southern boundary mentioned above.

Another alternative to getting to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas in one day is a minibus ride to the West Rim, where you can take a helicopter ride down to the Colorado River or visit the Skywalk glass bridge.

You really do have a choice when it comes to getting around Las Vegas by helicopter or small plane. It's up to you to decide what's best for you, in terms of convenience of course, but also price.

Cost of Las Vegas to Grand Canyon helicopter tour

Si vous disposez de peu de temps lors de votre visite à Las Vegas, le Golden Eagle Air Tour est celui qui vous prendra le moins de temps.

The price of this flight starts at $379 and lasts approximately four hours. During this time, you will fly over Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Guano Point, Eagle Point and the Colorado River in the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Celebration Tour, which departs from Las Vegas and takes four and a half hours, includes a 30-minute flight over the Grand Canyon. It's Papillon's best-selling excursion, and for good reason!

The fact that you descend by helicopter to the Colorado River at the bottom of the canyon, complete with champagne tasting and picnic lunch, on this adventure adds to its appeal over other tours, and its starting price is $479.

Grand celebration tour papillon grand canyon

Fall in love with the Grand Celebration Tour

Papillon's bestseller

Descend to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and enjoy champagne + a picnic

70 minutes flight time

Flight over Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

Free shuttle from your hotel in Las Vegas

Maverick offers a similar experience: the Wind Dancer!
A total duration of 4 hours, you will spend about 45 minutes in the air, flying over mythical places such as the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Mojave Desert or Temple Hill.

Once you arrive at the Grand Canyon, you'll scramble to the bottom of the Canyon where you'll enjoy the wonder of Arizona for about 30 minutes.
This is a best-selling Maverick for a reason, from $559 per person.

How do I get to the Grand Canyon by plane from Las Vegas?

Le circuit Grand Voyager, qui dure sept heures, est disponible si vous préférez faire l’expédition en avion depuis Las Vegas.

You'll take a flight from Las Vegas to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, where you'll spend about four hours, before boarding a helicopter that will take you to the bottom of the Canyon, from where you'll take a boat to cruise the Colorado River. Absolutely amazing!

After a comfortable flight in a 19-passenger Beechcraft 1900D light aircraft with many windows, you will have the opportunity to board an EcoStar helicopter.

The most comprehensive aeroplane tour of the Grand Canyon starts at $539. More details on these tours and booking instructions can be found below.

Grand Voyager Rim to River Tour

Enjoy the ultimate Grand Canyon experience from Las Vegas for 7 hours!

Aeroplane, helicopter, Colorado River cruise... The Grand Canyon will hold no secrets for you!

Alternatively, you can fly to the South Rim from Las Vegas and embark on a private 2 hour Hummer tour of the Canyon.
Tour lasts 9.5 hours and costs $599 per person. Check out Grand Canyon Air Tour Deluxe with Hummer on the Papillon website.

Finally, another alternative is to take a 7 hour flight from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon's breathtaking South Rim, which includes a 25 minute helicopter flight over the canyon.

*Prices correct as of 06/11/2022. Prices shown may change at any time.

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